Friday, June 8, 2012

RedBook happy hour house party !

I could just about pee myself!!! I just got my House Party supplies for RedBook magazine and it is jam packed full of uber cool stuff to give away with no strings attached. For starters you will get a free subscription to RedBook for a year. I just love it! This is the best! I'll tell you all about the products and already I can tell I have a new fav lip balm. They even included three recipes that I'm totally making for my party. I can't wait for my party . RedBook is one of my fav mags ever. This months cover is Kelly clarkson ! She has lost weight and found love, talk about getting stronger alright !! RedBook also has 15 snacks that make you slim, and sexy hair for lazy mornings. They are also talking about how you can host your own house party.
I noticed a article about happy reunions in honor of the 4th of July and the vets coming home that I can't wait to read. At my party I'm going to have peanut butter cup brownie bites. Find it on page 138 in you RedBook ! Can't wait. !!!

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