Saturday, July 20, 2013

Healthy way to eat salsa

There are many ways to enjoy salsa. The best way on top of salad instead of dressing. In general many salsas are 10 cal per tablespoon to put as much As you like.  I have chosen homemade salsa from tomatoes and onions and peppers out of my garden. So my salsa is organic.  That is an added bonus. Boiled eggs are around 20 cal apiece skip the yoke that's where all the fat is. And finally steamed chicken is 120 cal for I think 6 ounces. If you add it  all together that is well under your goal of 500 cal per meal. If you have not tried this I suggest that you do it is very tasty.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY Perfect Easy house seasoning.

Have you ever wondered how to make a house seasoning.? 

What exactly is a house seasoning ? It's just a mixture of seasonings that your family enjoys to use on the majority of your food Mixed together to save time.

 Do you want to start using spices in your cooking, but aren't sure how to start?  Try my easy house seasoning. 

What you will need. Large mixing bowl with poor spout , Mccormicks garlic salt with parsley, pepper, onion powder, and a spoon.
 Start with McCormick's garlic salt with parsley. Poor the garlic salt with parsley into a large mixing bowl with pour spouts. Then add the entire small container of onion powder and finish off with two large tablespoons of pepper. Mix ingredients well don't put your nose too close to the bowl, it might make you sneeze . Now you're done. You can put the mixture back into the large Garlic shaker or you can put it in your own pretty jar. 
I use this house Seasoning On everything  raw vegetables ,cooked vegetables ,pasta , steak , mashed potatoes, popcorn, and everything else. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY kids manicure flip flops

My Girl Scouts are going to have an end of year spa party to relax after a cookie sales and scouting year .  As a project to get excited about the mani we have a easy flip flop DIY .
Large sheet of foam paper
Butterfly brads

I just grabbed a Pair of my child's flip flops and traced the outline half an inch bigger to make the template. 
On the bottom of the cut out I drew a line to cut that was in the shape of the letter u. Then just bend the bottom piece up and use the brad to keep it in place at the big toe.   I estimate the cost to be .50 each pair. 
You could also use felt instead of foam.  

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation   I just love the the brand.  you cant go wrong with the dish soap.  its better the the Dawn Brand that I used to use.   I did get a free sample from the company, but I have been a long time user of the dish soap.  This picture shows the lotion on my arm. It says 7th g.  Lol I guess I was being silly. But I do love the stuff. Plus it's easy on the earth. Bonus. ;) 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quick school days breakfast

When I make pancakes on the weekends I make extras. Lots of extras. Why you ask? Because I want my kids to have a full breakfast in the mornings before school and pancakes freeze nicely.

1. Cool extra pancakes completely on a wire cookie rack.
2. Stack cooled pancakes in zip lock bags
3. Freeze

On the days that the kids want pancakes all you have to do is put the frozen pancakes on a plate and microwave .

I add a glass of orange juice and a yogurt and I know that the kids are ready for school with full bellies that will last till lunch time. ;-).
Easy, quick, convenient , filling, etc.

Quick note: added benefit is that my 10 year old can do it her self. Now that's easy. Moms eggos !