Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mally, Philosophy, Olay, KristinesShowers, Netflix best picks for my crazy life

Dearest Reader, 
     I'm about to tell you about my favorite stuff.  This is my oppion.  If you want to check any of the sites, I have added the main site pages to the different company's.  I like quality, honesty in advertisement, fair pricing, and innovation in the stuff that I spend my hard earned cash on. 
  1.  Mally is the crock pot of make-up.  It's a long wear make-up that is bullet proof.  I just love the fact that I don't have to primp all dang day long.  Like a crock pot you just set it and forget it.   Don't worry about coon eyes, or powder clinging to every facial hair or anything.  Honest to goodness start with the eye liner and mascara and eye shadow.  It will rock your world.  Best of all you don't feel like you have make-up on.   
  2. - I cant live with out my lotion from Philosophy.  It is so soft and sudle and it absorbers so perfectly. 
  3. -  Green Tea perfume is so clean, crisp, and fresh.  The morning spring grass scent is always catching me complements.  Run into any department store and ask to smell it. 
  4. - microderm. scrub kit - Scrub off all the dry skin and give your self a quick peel all at the same time.  Your gonna love this stuff.  It is a two step process and I recommend using it on the hands, neck, and face.
  5. -  bath bombs - They make a bunch of nice stuff but the thing that I just cant get over is the bath bombs.  They are so amazing.  I have two girls and they love them too.  I gave a gift basket as a Christmas gift and I got a request for more. lol  The body butter is very nice (try sweet pea).
  6. - I just don't know how we lived with out it b4. lol
  7. Then Again by Diane Keaton - The book that I'm reading on my iphone at the moment.  It is a fun and easy read. 
  8. The Color Purple - My all time fav. movie. 

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