Thursday, April 12, 2012

My new garden

I planted my first garden ever today. It's not finished but then again they never are. I have put a fair share of research into this project. I have planned out the location of each row and each plant. I purchased small plants this go round because I wanted to ensure a crop. I have had little success with seeds. My garden is a 10x10 area surrounded my chicken wire ( to keep cats out) , I know that is a small garden but I figure that I can add to it in the years to come pending success. I have red lettuce, romaine lettuce, red yellow green and orange bell peppers, and two cherry tomatoes. It still gets pretty chilly at night in the Chicago area so I'm waiting for a pinch before I add the other plants. The weather man said to expect rain for the next five days so that should help the process. I would like to have a rain water collector but I don't want to give $100.00 for it. I have seen planes for DIY water collections but quite frankly I have all my time and energy spent in the gardens and house and three young children. I have a way to go before I can put anything on the dinner plate but I'm excited about the prospects. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it. ;-).

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