Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome new baby kittens from a wild queen mother cat

In the spring of 2012 I notice a pretty cat walking around the neighborhood . A calico beauty with long hair and green eyes. She was friendly enough and I remember saying what a good pet she would make if she was cleaned up. We started to give her treats and pet her when she would come around until finally a friend noticed that Sassy was pregnant. June of the year she delivered three kittens in a crate that we had made up for her on our porch. We named them all and cared for them as best as we could but in the end only one survived. When the queen went missing one day about two months after giving birth we took the last of the family of 4 into our home and made her our pet. Her name is Duchess.  She is growing and getting more healthy every day.  The Vet said she will grow into a nice big adult cat some day. :)  Welcome to the Family.

Duchess had one brother and one sister that passed away from malnutrition.  It turns out that mother had round worm and gave it to kittens.  They also had flea bite anemia.  They looked good to an untrained eye but I learned that the furry hair was counseling the health problems. 

Duchess has another vet visit in three weeks and I'm not sure what they want to do to her but I can tell you that they are helping to make her a happy healthy kitten.  I think she needs more new kitten shots but I'm not sure.  The first time we took her to emergency vet ER they gave her 4 RX and she was less then one pound.  The second time was 8 days later and they treated her for fleas and worms  and gave her kitten shots.  We are now working some dry food into her wet food.  She is the best kitty.  She sits on my shoulder and purrs so sweet.  She likes the dog but loves the kids.  The girls carry her like a baby doll and rub her tummy.  She lets us play with her paws and kiss her face.  Its getting time to clip her nails but Ill talk to the Vet about that.  I wonder if the dog groomer would do it.  lol 

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