Thursday, January 12, 2012

using prompting to help a child keep on task

I went to my child's school for a meeting with the teachers.  I knew that they wanted to talk about performance issues.  Staying on task can sometimes be hard.  They feel that I need to stop prompting my child to stay focused.  They suggest that I give her 45 minutes to do her homework and when that time is up then she has to face the natural consequences of not getting it done (ie: incomplete, staying in from recess, and poor grades).  The teacher actually said that my elementary student need to "grow up" and be responsible for herself.  I admit that I didn't take this well. 
     My husband came up with a middle ground between the teachers and the hysterical mom (me).  I use prompting to remind my learning disabled child to stay on task.  I simply say things like "focus on your home work" or "whats next" and that helps her to get back on task.  the new plan of action is to teach my child how to utilize a to do list. That in turn will flow into other aspects of her life like school.  sink or swim.  I personally feel that this is a mistake and that it will only lead to her feeling defeated.  every one else thinks that this will give her a sense of self empowerment.  I hope that they are right. 

up date!!
My darling child has been using her to do list in the morning and in the evening with great success.  As it turns out They were right and some times mom has to step back and let her baby do things on her own.  It makes me so proud of my baby girl.  She is the BEST! 

the morning To Do List. start at 7:00 AM
  1. get dressed
  2. eat breakfast
  3. brush hair
  4. brush teeth
  5. shoes and socks
  6. coat and back pack
  7. school at 8:00am
and a picture of what 8:00 looks like on the clock

the P.M. To Do List start at 7:00 PM
  1. bath
  2. brush teeth
  3. pajamas
  4. empty bladder
  5. get school clothing out
  6. TV time
  7. bed and sleep at 8:00 pm
with a picture of what 8:00 pm looks like on a clock

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  1. First, You are a great mom, remember that. Second, what is wrong with a little prompting? We all get off task from time to time. My non-disabled 13 year old still needs me to tell him to "focus on your home work" or "what did dad say he wanted done". If I did not prompt him, it would not get done! Some of us just have non-organized brains. We are not all alike and we do not all learn alike. Keep up the good work and do whatever it is that YOU need to do to get the job (homework) done.
    It is good that you and your hubby have come to an agreement. Let us know how the "to do list" works for your daughter.

    That's my 2 cents.